Do you want to know  how to build  a horse carriage ? Most people want to know that . In fact ,Most farm build their own horse carriage  or Horse buggy ago.But now we could find more nanufacturer make the carriage by bulk quantity .

First  you need is basic knowledge. Here is the best advice:

  1. Go to the library, use inter-library loan if necessary, and look for books in which you can examine the construction of as many horse carriage  or horse buggy as you can find.
  2. Locate as many museums as you can in your area that have horse carriage and horse buggy.. Ask anyone who sells or has horse carriage  or equipment about museums and private collections. By examining the horse carriage  in these collections you can develop the basic knowledge needed to accomplish your goal. On more than one occasion we have reconstructed wagon or horse carriage  parts for which we had only the steel, simply by examining similar vehicles.If you find a horse carriage using the same steel parts, you can be pretty sure the same wood was used.
  3. If any wood is available on the original horse carriage , determine what type it is.
  4. So that’s it: Learn basic horse carriage construction, find any picture of the particularhorse carriage  in question, and the rest will be a breeze.

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